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Bridge OTC is a platform to manage, trade and custody your digital assets. We facilitate crypto-to-crypto and crypto-to-fiat transactions.  We offer deeper liquidity and a private, more personalized service to institutions and high net-worth individuals needing to fill large orders that might be too disruptive if placed on open markets at the exchanges.

Optimized for Your Trading Goals

Our trading platform is secure, scalable, and customizable based on your trade execution goals.  Whether your goal is to execute a trade as quickly as possible, or to trade passively over the course of several days, we can help you get there.

Secured with Industry-Leading Technology

We safeguard your investments with institutional-grade digital asset custody solutions. Our offline storage provides maximum security. We securely protecting client assets at scale without fuss,

Guided by an Experienced Trading Team

Includes high-touch service at every step, from the initial expert consultation all the way through to trade execution. Get high-touch support across multiple time zones. Our experienced trading, coverage, and client services teams are on standby to support trades, provide market commentary, and answer questions.


How It Works

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1. Sign Up

When you decide you want to buy or sell a large amount of digital assets over-the-counter, begin by approaching the Bridge OTC desk and completing the onboarding documentation.

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2. Onboard

To become an OTC client you must go through the standard  onboarding process, obtaining the highest level of verification, to enable large transactions.

All OTC clients are required to provide various types of documentation such as a Government ID, Proof of Residence and Proof of Income.

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3. Communicate

Open up a line of communication, via chat, text or voice call with the trade-desk about your preferred trade.

5. Complete Trade

Once the Bridge OTC receives the wire, our trader will send the assets to the specified wallet address, along with a confirmation email to your inbox, and the trade is complete.

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4. Confirm Trade

You choose whether or not you wish to buy at the price offered. If you agree, the trade is confirmed, and the trader will ask for a deposit address where they can send the purchased assets.

After confirming the trade, wait for a confirmation of the transaction via email. In this email you’ll find wire instructions for the OTC bank account, where you will wire the funds.

Our focus

Who we work with

At Bridge OTC, we conduct over-the-counter trades with our clients. Rather than matching buyers and sellers programmatically in an open exchange, our trading desk acts as a dealer for anyone looking to buy or sell assets. This is ideal for large clients, individuals or institutions, looking to place large orders that could potentially impact the market price. You can speak directly with a team of traders and agree the trade price and details and finalize your exchange.

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Evolve your trading strategy

Our clients can access the broader crypto marketplace rather than relying solely on prices from standard exchanges. This technology will automatically route your order to the supported exchange with the best all-in prices (including trading fees).